ISFET pH Sensor Kit



Winsense ISFET pH Sensor Kit (WIPSK) includes.

1. Winsense ISFET pH sensor (WIPSK-S or WISFET, part no. S010101) is a semiconductor device which has the following properties:

● ISFET is non-glass.
● pH measurement range is from 1 to 14.
● The sensitivity of the ISFET is > 45 mV/pH.
● The material in the kit can withstand the temperature in the range 0-100 Celsius for a short immersion. Typically for a long immersion should be less than 60oC.
● The output voltage of the circuit is 0 - 2 V.

2. One Ag/AgCl reference electrode (WIPSK-RE, part no. S010102)

3. A conditioning and read-out circuit box (WIPSK-CB, part no. S010103) with a 9 V battery.

4. A set of pH 4, 7, and 10 buffer solutions for Calibration (WIP-B040710-10, part no. S010104)

5. A plastic case with supporting sponge.
6. This user's manual pamphlet.

Link to the English pdf manual.